Monday, December 1, 2008

A bloggy dilemma

So I made a gift for my Dad for Christmas last week and I would like to post it here, but I can't be certain that he won't read my blog between now and then. 

While I ponder this dilemma, I will leave you with pictures of my children at my brother's wedding on Saturday. They were very cute and so very well behaved. I was a very proud mumma as well as a very proud sister. The wedding was beautiful - the bride in a exquisite handmade gown which I may post later with her permission. The groom dapper in skinny black jeans and converse sneakers.   

I was having flash-forwards (I'm sure you know what I mean) of Jemima and Caleb on their wedding days and feeling sad but proud. Thinking ahead a little too far perhaps, and making a few assumptions. But once my brother and I (and my other brother and sister) were small just like my little ones, and I am pretty sure the time it has taken for us to reach adulthood has gone by so quickly for our parents. So, I am reminded to savour each age as they grow, and try really really hard not to wish any time away.


Bird Bath said...

Oh, how cute. I always get sentimental at weddings - I just can't help myself :)
How nice that the kids were on their best behaviour - they look adorable in their formal outfits!

Madeline said...

They look lovely. Don't they just grow up too fast! I have those flash forward moments all to often.