Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Churning out crafty goodness

There are a million other things that I should be doing, but I couldn't let my most productive crafty day ever go unrecorded. Yesterday I made all this stuff. Go me!

Very Lazy Laptop Sleeve for Caleb's toy computer gift from here via here. I had plans to do something a little more spectacular, but I have simply run out of time.

3 notebook covers from this tutorial again, including little portraits taken from this painting I did a while ago. I have rediscovered ink jet transfer film. 

A simple lined tote bag that I threw together without using anything specific as a reference. After making it I decided I wanted to embellish it, but was avoiding hand sewing and I couldn't fit the thing into my machine. Enter ink jet transfer film again and it now has a little photo of the gift recipient on the bag (not sewn on at all, so we'll see how the fusible interfacing holds up...

A little dolly peasant top from this tutorial. Which I did take a picture of, but it is failing to upload, and isn't all that important really. 

Hope everyone's preparations are running smoothly.... one more sleep!