Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tutu crisis

I had another fairy singlet and tutu on the to do list for Christmas, this time for my Jemima. WIth the way our evening worked out (with children resisting sleep and the like) I didn't get started until late-ish. At one point I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and the word "ghoul" came to mind with my red tired eyes and mascara smudged into the bags under my eyes. Pretty.

The wings are a bit wonky, but I love the vintage sheet and the colour yellow. And the sheet is so soft. 

I couldn't help but show her the tutu this morning, and she cried and said "take it" which is the opposite of "have it". In other words, don't come near me with that tutu, woman.

Oh well.

I read this post over at The Bird Bath and I agree, fairy costumes ARE scratchy and my "all about comfort" toddler has probably already figured this out...


Sarah-Jo said...

I use bridal tulle when making a tu tu its very soft on lil ones skin
Ive always made the tie on elastic waisted type of tu tu very quick and easy and fluffy!

I love the lemon abd white its very pretty :)

Madeline said...

That is super cute! Maybe she'll decide she likes it later on.

edward and lilly said...

She is so cute, tutus are the sort of thing kids always hold onto for dress ups etc. My nieces still do crazy things with their old tutus like wear them on their head or around their neck.