Saturday, November 29, 2008

Crafter's remorse

There was no time to make anything else for Jemima for the wedding, so I did what I have avoided as a new crafty type, and BOUGHT her a dress. I feel a bit guilty actually.... but I keep telling myself to cut myself some slack and remember that I bought that sewing machine and made my first garment since 1989 only 9 months ago, so there will be a bit of hit and miss and trips to the shops instead.

So this cute little number is from Cotton On Kids. Not the best quality admittedly, but super cute, no? You can see the mexican dress spirit is haunting me somewhat. I did consider popping her in the mexican dress I made, but it is still a little big too. A familiar phrase in this blog.

I have no crafter's remorse when it came to the button up shirt and black jeans I bought for Caleb to wear to the wedding. Shirts and jeans with pockets are a little beyond me just yet. 

But I am still a crafty type, there is no denying that, as I have successfully hinted my way to a Ottobre subscription for Christmas. I think this will pose many a challenge but I am very excited about it and am pretty certain the folk in sewing blog land will be a big help if I run into too much trouble! ;-)


Madeline said...

Oh, don't feel bad. No matter how crafty you are you still can't do everything. At least, that's what I keep trying to tell myself.

Sarah-Jo said...

Im the same I put iris in a silk gymboree dress for her santa pics and felt all guilt ridden
but it was so cute! what are ya gonna do hey!

that dress is super cute! she will look beautiful at the wedding!