Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress Part 1

My sister is in the bridal party for a wedding in March and the girls are wearing long knit dresses. She wasn't confident that she would find something off the rack that would suit her body shape, so I bravely offered my sewing services. To make sure I could actually do it, I made a practice one in black. I bought the fabric (of the Bride's choosing) from Spotlight, it is called "Kaleidoscope Interlock" or something like that, and it has a surprisingly lovely drape to it.

I used the Anda dress pattern from the Burdastyle website as a base and changed up the neckline to make it more scoopy, arms to make it sleeveless, lengthened it to the floor, and added a ruffle around the neckline too. I also made the elastic casing inside the dress, rather than on the outside.

The bride and my sister are both really happy with the outcome, and so am I. (It actually looks better in real life than in this picture, if I can swell my head to say so.)

It didn't take that long to make in the end, and now I have to rally all of my energy to make the "real deal".

PS I didn't end up using my overlocker, I needed the familiarity of a machine that I felt secure with- especially with the wedding in less than a month away. I used much of the wisdom in "Sew U Home Stretch" by Wendy Mullin.

In other consuming news, Caleb is settling in at "big school" and overall it is going fairly well, but statements like, "I like preschool better (because there is more stuff to do)," and "I asked some girls to be my friend and they just pretended I wasn't there!", indicate that this adjustment is not without its challenges. He pulled his brave poker face (the face he pulls when he is a bit overwhelmed) as he lined up with his class and tottered off to his classroom for Day 3- and that had my eyes welling up behind my big dark sunglasses!

Having said all that, I am pretty darn proud of him for how he has gone so far. It is a big culture shock for a 5 year old to adapt to the school system I think, and he is doing great. (And I am doing OK too.)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Caleb's first day of school EVA!

Caleb started school today! Most of his friends started earlier in the week, or even last week, so this week has dragged for my new kinder kid.

I thought I would be tearful, but I have been OK. I think I felt this week dragging too, and eager for him to get started so we can all move into this new phase for our family.

I am about to go and pick him up and I can't wait to hear about his day. I hope he is feeling his usual verbose self. I want to know everything.