Tuesday, November 30, 2010


My Christmas crafting is well underway. I have made a couple of gifts that will have to wait until after Christmas to be blogged, but this one is for Evie, and advanced though I am sure she is, at 3 months old, she is not yet reading my blog.

This is Elise the Folkster doll from the incredible Hillary Lang. The pattern is perfect, though my execution has my trademark wonkiness! Still, she has been a very satisfying little project, and I finally found a use for the beautiful black and white trim I won in Angie's giveaway many moons ago. You may notice the lack of a nose which is supposed to be a double french knot. I am too afraid of ruining her little face. I already embroidered her mouth too tightly which looks a bit weird.

I feel like I haven't conquered this pattern yet- especially in regards to the hair. I couldn't quite understand the directions and just had a crack at it, but after a discussion with my mum I think I know now how to do it. And as for the seams on her face, well.... Fortunately Jemima has eyes on this dolly and has declared she wants one too. I think I might make her one for her birthday though, as I think she has plenty of Christmas presents coming her way already.

Friday, November 26, 2010

12 weeks

12 weeks + 2 days. A delightful little baby. Already sleeping through the night more often than not. And usually quite settled and happy during the day. I can take no credit for this- it is just what she does.

A little bit vintage today! Wearing a dress that used to be mine. I wish mum had kept all my baby clothes (and her clothes so I could wear them now!)- the 70s has made such a comeback. Eve at one month here and two months here.

Me at 12 weeks! A different, but just as sweet, little dress.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Show it like it is

Kitchen: previously featured here looking even more charming

Nicole from Bubby makes 3 had a sterling idea. Throw off the shackles of "blog land perfection" and show it like it is.

So I have this special treat for anyone who stumbles by this post. This was my house the moment after I read Nicole's challenge yesterday afternoon. It looks a little better now, but looks like this on a regular basis I'm afraid!

Are you game to take up the challenge?

Argh: The kids' room

Friday, November 19, 2010


Random shot of Evie goodness

Random.org assisted me in selecting a winner for my purple giveaway.... and it was #1, congratulations Mama Mogantosh!

Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Purple Giveaway- closed

I have become completely sidetracked by my button tin.

Jemima and I were making button hair clips yesterday and I noticed afresh just how many cute tiny vintage buttons are in my possession. So I spent nearly 2 hours trying to nut out a simple felt hair clip design to showcase them. Now, the end result (pictured on black clips above) is not really all that original... how true it is that there are no new ideas... or is it just there are no new ideas in my head? I glue gunned the whole lot together and it seems pretty secure. If you really yank at it it will come apart, but so will pretty much any hair clip I reckon.

After going back and forth between, "is it cute or crap?", I decided that I like it and have been wearing a cream coloured one like so:

I thought maybe you would like one too? So I put together this little package (containing 2 purple felt flowers, with yellow mini buttons and grey leaves and a pair of purple rose earrings) pictured atop this post for a little giveaway. Open to anyone, anywhere.

EDITED: Der. I knew I was tired today- The giveaway ends NEXT Friday as in the 19th of November. Entries close Thursday the 18th at midnight my time. My original post said it ended today (the 12th)- not so!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A bag bag

For my sister-in-law's birthday I whipped up the "Plastic Bag Bag Thingamy" (not it's real name) from the original Meet me at Mikes book. It's so much more attractive than our bag bag thingamy if I say so myself.

(Tee hee, see the little baby?)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Little Pretties

I made these hair accessories on Saturday night for a 6 year old birthday girl. I have a soft spot for this little lady as she wrote my son the sweetest love letter* a few weeks ago. Again, my friendly glue gun helped me out. Also very helpful was this tutorial from one of my favourite blogs, A Beautiful Mess.

A big thank you too to Michelle of Leni and Rose for the giveaway I won. I am loving my covered button hair tie kits very much! And I will be sure to use my blue fabric at some stage in a crafty adventure.

* Dear Caleb, Thank you for calling me a princess. It makes me feel good. And you are a prince.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Super quick craft fix (meow)

Jemima likes to pretend she is a kitten, so I made her some cat ear clips. All glue gun, baby. It's pretty much all I have had crafty time for lately, opting to do laundry and dishes over crafting (the age old tension).

PS The (revolting) blue netting "arm warmers" as she calls them, were from a "rockstar" show bag at the school fete on Saturday. Blurgh. Of course she loves them.