Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Biddy Bags

Hands off blondie, this one's mine.

I read this post over at Edward and Lily and then quite spontaneously purchased one biddy bag. It was quite difficult to decide on just one, but I managed. 

As it says on the tag:

Biddy Bags is a boutique social enterprise connecting socially isolated nanas and mature-aged ladies through craft, economic participation and social networking.

I had come across these bags a year or so ago I think and liked the look of them, but they were a bit expensive for me at the time. But as I have become to appreciate handmade in 2008, the price tag seems more acceptable to me now:

Biddy Bags as a non-profit enterprise, ensures that for each bag sold the woman who crafted it received a just amount of pay for her work.

And finally:

Carrying a Biddy Bag reminds us that the pleasures we enjoy are not derived from faceless entities, but real people.


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