Friday, March 23, 2012

FIVE!? Disbelief and a Doll

Jemima turned 5 last week! It feels so different having two kids at school who really aren't little little anymore, and Jemima turning 5 really emphasized this for me!

Wow, where did those 5 years go? *sniff* Happy Belated Birthday Jems, love from Mummy's Blog.

We celebrated the day with a toilet paper birthday crown I made the night before, after reading this blog post, and the giving of a handmade-by-me doll (and various other presents including a bike-with-purple-streamers!)

I love this pattern. This is the fourth one I have made! Now, each of my children have their own doll. Caleb's is the zombie variation, and Eve got hers for Christmas 2010. (Eve has a somewhat perplexing fluff addiction, so in recent times she has picked holes in the doll's bonnet to eat the wool felt fibres.... so her doll needs a new, thicker wool felt bonnet.)

Jemima requested that her doll have hair rather than a bonnet, so I used instructions from one of the dolls in the Wee Wonderfuls book.

I really love making dolls. And I really love giving them to my children.