Friday, March 12, 2010

Baby on Board

I have really missed making things and blogging about them. But I have been busy: incubating our new little baby. This is the picture we got of him/her today! A very wriggly little thing just like big brother and sister. I feel a crazy amount of mummy love for that little grainy black and white image up there.

I have been sick sick sick, hence my absence from the makey scene. But on Wednesday I seem to have turned a corner. I still feel "off", but on the bright side I can get out of bed and eat and drink! Yay! I won't go into detail because that would be gross, but let's just say it has been a difficult time.

We could not have functioned with out the incredible selfless support of our parents, and I could not have functioned without Chris (in the midst of a job change himself) doing all the stuff I usually do and not once making me feel bad about it.

So bring on September, we can't wait to meet and nurture our little spring lamb.