Friday, May 27, 2011

Ring, ring!

I was lucky enough a little while ago to test a pattern for Pepper from Pepper Stitches!

I really enjoyed testing this pattern for an animal phone because, 1) it is an animal phone! 2) I realised that I make a great pattern tester, not because I am awesome, but because I make really obvious mistakes unless you tell me not to!! This pattern was great to start with, but now I am sure that it is fool proof.

Check out this link from her blog for where to buy her new patterns and other really lovely things.

My kids love this phone, even though the phones they have always known look quite a bit different. An animal iPhone wouldn't be as cute I don't reckon.

Happy weekend to all!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

7 (and a bit) months

So, Eve is actually at the time of writing 8 and a half months, but I took the photos at 7 and a half months, so I thought I might as well post them!

7 months was a much healthier month than 6, and excitingly was the month she learned to crawl! She was about 2-3 months earlier than my other 2 sweeties on this score. I think she is already desperate to be one of the "big kids". Soon after she was pulling to stand. It's pretty cute! (And getting more difficult to get her to lie on her quilt for her picture!)