Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eve turned one and here are (some of) the pics

Nothing happens quickly on my blog these days, but better late than never: here is but a sample of the photos my talented sister of ESJAYcreative took back in September! It is hard to pick a favourite.... and decide what to frame. I have a huge 16x20" enlargement of the full family shot with the "1" balloon as that is a firm favourite. Just need an enormous frame now! I bought the balloon from Lark and it is still inflated 2 months later and hangs in Eve's room: value!

There are some other ripper shots, but I don't want to overload the unsuspecting reader!

This can also double as a crafty post as I made our headbands, Jemima's t-shirt, and skirt.

I had made her a "Kea shirt" before with transfer paper, and frankly it just didn't last. The transfer cracked and started peeling off after a few washes. Disappointed! This time around I printed the image on printable fabric and appliqued it on. MUCH better. I sewed on some buttons for extra cute value.

I made her skirt out of one of Chris' old work shirts and sewed on some big red pockets, and replaced the buttons with little blue floral ones. Jemima is a total pink addict, but she is also a pocket addict so she approved of this skirt. Phew!

Eve's adorable dress was bought for me in the late 70s but I never wore it. It was unearthed when Jemima was already too big for it so I am making up for lost time with it this girl around! She wears this once a week!

If you would like your own ESJAYcreative family shots, you will have to wait a little while. My sis is away until at least March next year on a rather big adventure! But do keep her in mind. She is quite the artiste!