Thursday, December 18, 2008

What's brown (and silver) and sticky?

We are sorta fans of Ikea in this household  and the most recent catalogue had a photograph of a bunch of sticks hanging upside down as the Christmas tree, complete with presents underneath. Caleb and I thought it was pretty cool and decided we would do it. I forgot about it, then half remembered and truthfully hoped Caleb might forget, but Caleb never forgets. I spray painted the sticks silver (actually only half sprayed them as my creative director was insisting they only needed to be painted on one side.) Then I tied them together in a bunch (which I could have done better had I known anything at all about knot tying) and hung them from a hook that was already in his room. 

When we made it he declared, "When Daddy gets home, he won't believe his eyes!!"

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Madeline said...

Oh, how sweet! Don't you love how proud little one's can be? I certainly don't have the knot tying abilities to pull that one off without it crashing on my head!