Monday, December 12, 2011

The cutest zombie evah!

The computer game/app/whatever of the year around these parts was Plants vs Zombies. I don't usually get into games, but this one is a lot of fun. It isn't too hard which helps!

I had planned to make Caleb a zombie doll for his birthday but never got around to it, but I have done it in time for Christmas. I made him using the Folkster Wee Wonderfuls pattern, and purchased the wool felt from Winterwood (which is deliciously thick and awesome- none of this happening here!)

I used some scrappy off cuts of one of Chris' old work shirts left over from Jemima's skirt for Mr Zombie's shirt. I guess I could have made him more like the zombies on the game, but I really wanted to use stuff I already had- my stash is a *little* out of control.

I love this pattern, and it really isn't too hard to make. If course with no hair or bonnet, he didn't take as long as Eve's doll.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Hot Diggety Dog!

I started making Christmas presents for the kids in June. So organised, and very unusual really. This Sausage Roller from Craft Schmaft was the first project that I started, but I only finished it last night. If I had all the materials at hand, I think I could have made it in a few nights watching TV, but it took me a while to accumulate everything I needed. As is the Craft Schmaft way, it is surprisingly easy to get a nice result. I'm glad this little pup is staying in the family.

I made him for Eve thinking that she would be walking by Christmas, which in June, seemed so bizarre somehow. But yes, she is indeed toddling about and has been for about 3 weeks or so. On Day 3 of full time walking, she tripped (on flat ground) and hit her head so hard she actually passed out for 30 seconds. Terrifying! But she made a quick and full recovery, and we were given the all clear by the medicos 4 hours later. It wasn't the first, and I know it probably won't be the last time we end up in the Emergency Department with one of our children, so I try enjoy each incident free day to the fullest!

++On the day of her spill++