Sunday, December 14, 2008

Well you're not hardcore..

unless you live hardcore... The School of Rock was on the other night and I caught enough of it to have that spinning around my head while I made these PJ skull and cross-bone pants for my brother for his birthday. I didn't mind. It makes me laugh. 

What I DID mind was sewing up every seam and then unpicking every seam because I had a MASSIVE brain malfunction the afternoon I made them. Anyways, I forgot to pull the middle seam to the middle before stitching up the side seams, sooooo yeah. But then I thought I'd sewn the crotch bit wrong and unpicked it, complete with its double stitching to make it extra strong. crap. But I persevered. 

And how funny am I? I have made COMPLEMENTARY boxer shorts for his new wife whose birthday is around the same time. Ah, couple dressing. Love! His to be paired with a black chesty bond singlet and hers with a red bonds t-shirt.

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CurlyPops said...

They're so cute together! I've been using the exact same fabric to make shorts.