Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quality time + feathers

I need constant reminders to hang out with my kids rather than keep trying to grab every non-direct care moment for house-working. That makes me sound like I am a neat freak with a super clean home, but no that's not the case. My house is fairly untidy, as anyone who drops in without notice will attest, despite my efforts!

I stopped trying to chase my tail this morning and just spent some time random crafting with Jemima. Eve was kind enough to have a reasonable morning nap of about 90 minutes, and Caleb was out at a Kids Club for the morning, so Jems and I got down her "craft box" (a random jumble of stickers, fabric scraps, crepe paper, pom poms, feathers etc). I made her and Kea (her favouritest softie in the whole wide world) feather crowns, and a couple of hair clips with stuff lying around the house. I think the feather crowns would be extra cute in colours that are a little bit more muted.... but I just grabbed what was in front of me, namely this rather loud nastilty acrylicy orange felt. No earth mother wool felt this time. The crowns have been on and off all day, right now they are "on" which makes me happy.