Monday, December 22, 2008


Queen size quilt is complete! As of about 1am in the morning (and then I was caught up watching To Kill a Mockingbird and had to finish it. What a movie.)

I love it. And want to keep it. But that's a good sign, right? It wasn't all that difficult to make in the end, just very time consuming. It isn't perfect, but then, who is?

I can't speak highly enough of the technique for backing and tying the quilt here. It is a lot less painful than I would imagine machine quilting something this size, and the chenille backing is wonderfully soft and comfy. 

I am all glowing now. And need to clean the house. It has been a bit neglected these past few days...


edward and lilly said...

Well done, what a huge achievement! I love the colours you've used, very Summery :)

Ann said...

Wow! It looks great. I am loving watching your crafting exploits online. Very inspiring. Hope you and the gang have a lovely Christmas.

Jodi said...

Hi Bek! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi today. :)

Your quilt is so gorgeous! I'm completely envious...I've been wanting to learn to quilt and this is totally the kind of pattern I'd want to start with. Good job!

Madeline said...

Congratulations! It's lovely. The colors are so nice.

Karen said...

That's fantastic, and such a big one too!
Great job to get it all done, I usually end up with large projects being a WIP for a while.
TKAM got me hooked too - who can look away from Gregory Peck.