Saturday, October 4, 2008

Why am I here?

In February I bought an $89 sewing machine from K-Mart and became a craft mum.

I have been cruising the net looking at mainly art/craft blogs for a few months now and have a little collection of favourites... but was feeling a bit voyeuristic... so I have decided to put myself "out there" too, at least a little bit, for at least a little while. That way I can step into the light and join in this little community without feeling like I am peeking into people's lives from the bushes. I will "lurk" no more. How liberating.

I'm a bit nervous about this whole blog thing. I'm sort of a private person but in real life will probably tell you anything- I wear my heart on my sleeve most of the time. But I fear putting my self "out there" on the internet. I think I am a little bit afraid of people I don't know. Actually, I know I am. Also there seems to be all this blog etiquette that mostly seems to be good manners, but I'm worried about offending people, so apologies in advance for any unintended rudeness! 

I think this little blog will mainly be about stuff I have made so I can feel like I can say "look what I made" to the whole world, but sticking to one category has never been my forte, so let's see what happens. 

"Red Chocolate" comes from the brain of my 4 year old. When I asked him "what sort of party" he wanted for his b'day, he told me he wanted a "red chocolate party". It was a fun party and the phrase just appeals, thus the name of my blog.

So welcome to my own little red chocolate party. I wonder if anyone but me will come visit?


Sarah said...

I visited you :)
Looking forward to seeing more!
Love Sah,

Anonymous said...

I visited you as well, looks great, keep it up.
love Na

Bird Bath said...

what a lovely blog you have...I'm sure I'll be back to visit often! I think your banner is beaut and I like all your crafty projects.