Saturday, October 25, 2008

Grosgrain Inspiration

One of my favourite blogs is Grosgrain by Kathleen. Everyone in crafty blog land already knows all about her, but there might be some of my real life friends and family who haven't heard of her. She designs and makes incredible clothes for girls, and then... just gives them away. She is very talented, yet so humble. Go take a look- especially the Marie Therese gown. A-mazing. She is opening a shop soon, and I'm sure she will do very well. Read all about it:


I have never entered one of her giveaways before, but I have entered her latest one. I'm not sure why I waited until now. I have really liked everything that she has made, I guess I have felt a bit new to this scene and have been happy to watch from the sidelines for a while. 

On the subject of blogging, I am quite enjoying writing this little blog and how it enables me to "join in" with other people who like sewing. Blogging itself has motivated me to make more stuff and each comment I have received has been really appreciated. It's nice to know one isn't talking to oneself, though I must admit I regularly talk to myself, so why should cyber-Bek be any different?

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