Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Aussie Pants Paparazzi Style

Yes, I have only had this blog less than a week, and I am already doubling up crafty projects, and yes, they are only bandana pants, but I'm sorry, I have more to say about them. And I wanted to post this picture I took this afternoon despite the sad and sorry state of our backyard. Am I always this apologetic? Yes I am, actually. Sorry.

Caleb has been wearing his Aussie pants with pride since I made them back in February, and they get a mixed reaction in public. Most people at least say that they love them, and many adults request a pair of their own. We met some random teenagers when we were on a picnic a few weeks ago and Caleb was sporting his green bandana pants. One girl thought they were "awesome" and again, wanted a pair (is this some gap in the market that some mum-trepreneur should be taking advantage of?), and the other sneered and asked him if he was wearing a skirt. Caleb replied, "no, they are bandana pants and my mum made them for me." Awesome.


Mearaid said...

Good for him, you must have been so proud to hear him say that.

Bek said...

Yes, he is often very full of encouragement! I'm sure he will get more bandana pants as a result!