Thursday, October 16, 2008

The allure of red shoes

I was bemoaning the outgrowing of the black mary janes a few posts ago, but I have replaced them with something even t-bar mary janes. I have been eyeing off these in Target for quite a few months, but they never had her size.

When I was at uni I decided I wanted nothing but red shoes. I had a pair of red t-bar Dr Martens that were really cool- but, and this is unusual for the doctor, quite uncomfortable. (My mid 90s black doc boots were a very comfy shoe.) I also had a pair of red thongs. But that's as far as I got. I am now thinking a lot about buying red mary jane crocs for myself- they have a pair called "alice", and they are actually quite cute. We'll see. I have done enough shopping for a little while.

On a more crafty note, I made the little shirt Jemima is wearing from this tutorial. I haven't quite figured out how to get it to be the right fit yet. But they are so quick to make, it is not a drama to make a few before getting it right. I suppose.

Did I mention I bought Jemima 2 pairs of red shoes on the same day? In my defense these shoes are for a different purpose. These are the "can get wet" shoes for going to swimming lessons or to the beach. I'm not really even convincing myself here... and yes, that is my son standing in the garden. He is searching for "Jo", the new pet stink bug that he befriended this morning. 

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