Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sweet Servitude

Like many in crafty blog land I've been following the Sugar City Journal. They make really creative, yet classic, clothes and other goodies. I was very pleased to buy the pattern of the "Simple Servant Dress" from their online shop. I made this little number in a day in amongst being mummy to a 4 year old and 1 year old, despite being a novice who struggles with bias tape. And it's so cute! (Even if I say so myself). She wore it to her Granny's 70th this evening with black leggings and black mary janes (which she has now outgrown. Sad.)

The Jems has real slave potential. She likes to help pack away and is very particular about putting things in the bin. Very. Particular.


melissa said...

Oh your girl looks so beautiful! Your dress turned out perfect! Congratulations!

lynne said...

oh, she does look darling. I love it!!

will you post this in the sugar city flickr group? i think you made it adorable!

Sarah said...

I love this little dress,

soooooo cute!

I suppose it helps that
Jem is adorable ;o)