Monday, October 27, 2008

Pest catcher princess skirt

Why so sad little princess? Oh my, your skirt is filling with flying ants and flies. Weird.

To be honest, the insects weren't really bothering her, she was just bothered this afternoon. But, how strange? The insects weren't under the skirt but between the layers. Must be something to do with the colour. For the record, her nappy was clean.

This little princess skirt was made using the Parksbird patterns from ebay again. Possibly the easiest thing I have ever made, basically folding the the netting in half, sewing down the folded edge to make a casing, threading the elastic through etc, and that's basically it. I popped one of my flower hair clippy things on there to pretty it up. It's a little long and she doesn't like it (I think the netting is a bit scratchy), but I'll chuck it in the dress up box in case Caleb ever wants to get in touch with his feminine side.

Next time I think I'll use bridal tulle which I think is softer? Or make a casing with a softer fabric. And maybe I'll make a bug catcher out of the leftover pink netting for Caleb (!) He is always looking for animal friends.


R Max said...

Maybe the insects liked the smell of the fabric? or the colour? Cute dress, I wish I could sew.

Bek said...

I think the colour? So strange. THe skirt is very very easy to make. It is finally getting some use by Caleb as a head piece - at this very moment actually.

Bird Bath said...

I'm sure the day will come when you won't be able to get her to wear anything BUT dress-ups. One of my girls is always dressing up.