Saturday, October 4, 2008

First sewing project since 1989

When I was in year 7 we all had to do "Textiles" as a subject. I hated this about as much as I hated sport, and that is saying a lot. I was terrified of my teacher, my sewing machine always seemed to break and waiting in line for the iron to press open a seam was all a bit boring. In retrospect, she wasn't all that scary, but I still remember her lamenting, "Oh, Rebekah, you should be able to sew straight by now." 

Fast forward 19 years, and I made this (the dress, I mean). With a LOT of help from my mum (Thanks mum!). She very patiently waited for me to take an excruciatingly long time to do everything from choosing a pattern (a simplicity I think, but annoyingly I have since misplaced it) to sewing the hem. It has a bunch of mistakes and parts which look pretty shonky, but it is wearable. And cute child helps it along a bit. 

My daughter Jemima wore this when she turned 1 back in March. Not sure what I was thinking re that hair clip. I love doing hair and I am regularly in denial about her current lack thereof. She isn't referred to as Princess Peach for nothing. These days she has more feathery white blonde tresses, but we are nowhere near pig-tails just yet.

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