Saturday, October 18, 2008

Learning to draw and stuff

Little girls hanging out with woodland creatures ain't exactly original, but I was happy with how this came together. Happy enough to hang it on my wall in my little disaster of a crafting space. 

But this makes me even happier: my little man drew a picture today of a person with a face. body. arms. legs. hands. fingers. Did you get all that? I am so proud. A month ago he was joyfully scribbling away, and now this. Watching my kids learn and develop skills is one of my favourite things about being a parent. I got very excited when he presented me with this little picture. I'm pretty sure the neighbour thought I was crackers. Whatevs.


Sarah said...


Did Caleb seriously draw that???
That's so good for his age!
(and shows that his crafty attention span is growing - *phew* I bet you're thinking!)

Tell him Aunty Sahs is very proud
and that she wants him to draw her one to put on her wall . . .


Bek said...

He drew you a picture of a red and pink tow truck and a crane this afternoon. Lucky.