Sunday, October 26, 2008

3 pairs and counting..

I returned to work a couple of weeks ago 2 days a week after a rather lovely extended period of SAHMing. I am very fortunate that my mum is happy to look after my children and she also goes above and beyond the call and buys them stuff- that's Grandma's code, no? So now Jem has 3 pairs of red shoes. I'm not sure if anyone out there is as interested in looking at tiny red shoes as I am, but there you go.

In terms of crafting, I have a project I am about to start that I am very excited about. I went to Spotlight yesterday and tried to stay focussed to get just what I needed, and not get side tracked by all the crafty goodness.  

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dearmolly said...

I love the mexican dress, and there's a challenge - what did the author say, 4 days to embroider?!!

The red shoes are v.cute. I'd ike some of those for my 3 year old. Good luck at work.