Friday, October 10, 2008

ah bias tape.

Very simple and sweet pattern from Made by Petchy. I hope it fits one year old recipient. Having handmade-gift-giving-anxiety. It will be too big I think... It fits The Jems far too well. (She is a well covered 18 months.)

Note to self: Rebekah, despite what you were thinking, you don't actually remember how to use bias tape, so next time go to your sewing book and read the instructions. (I am channeling my Year 7 Textiles teacher now.)


Sarah-Jo said...

Hi Bek :)

thanks for your lovely comment on my blog
Im just drooling over your etsy store, your very talented
I am especially interested in your finches as my dad used to breed finches and maintained a huge avairy when I was a child
I would love to get some of these as a christmas gift
could you email me at to discuss some custom ones? that would be great thanks :)

Sarah-Jo said...

ooopssy daisy sorry i just clicked on your etsy thingy and assumed that was your store and so just forget what ive written in the first post sorry

hahahahaa need sleep@!

R Max said...

You don't know me but I came across your blog completely by accident as I was randomly skimming blogs and I don't know why, I just started reading yours. Probly becos you are an Aussie and I am a displaced kiwi girl in USA needing a bit of self-depracating humour (the americans just don't get that) and hullo, here you are all apologetic and stuff. Anyway, just thought I would leave a comment saying you're funny etc etc. Nice job.