Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Bells

One of my "little" brothers is getting married in November. I painted a little portrait thingy of the love birds for their engagement present, and they used it for their wedding invites! I am a bit chuffed. (Please note that "RAD" are my initials, I am not making a bold statement about my ability.)

I have had quite a crafty day today. I made a bag this morning for a little 2 year old friend whose party was ... this morning (nothing like last minute), and a "princess skirt" out of pink pink pink netting for Jemima. I bought the netting online and thought it was a muted dusty pink, but it's sort of a bright dark pink. "Hot pink" if you will. Dammit. Oh well, the foibles of online fabric shopping... Photos of the princess skirt to come on a more pleasant photo taking day. Today has been a tea drinking day if you know what I mean. 

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