Thursday, January 29, 2009

Phoenix rising

I have made about 4 notebook covers from this tutorial and so I thought by the time I got around to number 5 there would be no dramas. 

But this little project was a lesson in humility, my friends.

Somehow, the cover ended up much too small in length. I tried notebook cover extension surgery, but in the end a transplant was required. 

As I looked from the scraps of the original attempt and to the finished product, I felt that my new diary cover was like the crafty phoenix rising from the ashes (scraps). And then I felt like a bit of a dork.

I am quite happy with the result, but I am not sure how the ancient button from the aforementioned button tin will hold up. It took me ages to choose one, and now this seems perfect, but it smells a bit like copper, the thread seems to be cutting through the shank, and it I might be imagining it due to tiredness, but I think it is turning my fingers green.

You may recognise the photo from here. It is an old family snap that just makes me feel happy, so I put it somewhere that I will see it on a regular basis.

UPDATE: I have changed the button. I started tasting copper, and decided that's not something I want to deal with everyday!


cindy said...

I hate that, when you get a bit cocky and then it all comes a bit undone. It looks really good though, but best to avoid copper poisoning.

Christina Lowry said...

Naughty button! Looks good but tastes bad! Love your note book cover... wonder if I can find time to make one... :)