Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eye Spy... my best memory of 2008

I found this Eye Spy quite tricky- I even got the calendar out to reflect a little. Overall we were pretty busy. Some things were great fun and significant, some things we did because we had to do, and some things happened that were tremendously sad. 

I risk sounding like a boring proud mummy, but the best thing about 2008 was spending another 12 months watching my children grow into themselves, learn new things about their world and develop in their abilities. 

12 months ago, Jemima was a baby. Couldn't talk or walk. Now she is a little girl, telling jokes, making her opinions and needs known through language, and walking... running...  jumping... climbing and dancing. 

Caleb's changes have been more subtle, but quite significant. He is taller, slimmer, and reveals a more complex imagination every day. He is always quick with a complement, and makes up great songs. (Like today's composition: "Jemima is my little sister, but she is also my friend. She is only a baby so I have to be careful with her. Yeah.")

Bring on 2009. 

Eye Spy is hosted by Cindy, and this week's theme was thought up by Kat. Thanks ladies!


Madeline said...

Oh, my, how a year does change things!

cindy said...

Nothing wrong with being a proud mama at all especially to those great Caleb boys! Could you pick a topic for next week?

Christina Lowry said...

I'm glad you took the risk of sounding like a boring proud mother, even though you don't sound boring! It's great to see proud mothers in blogland! :)