Thursday, January 22, 2009

The making of dolly

I am trying to be clever and make my own dolly. I want something that is nice and plump to cuddle, but is pretty and cute at the same time. 

I am finding it a lot harder than I thought. 

This is Dolly 2. Dolly 1 has been abandoned. Call me critical, but she really looked like a stumpy legged, long-necked alien. Poor Dolly 1. Dolly 2 is not perfect, but she is OK, so she got finished. She has borrowed a little dress from another doll, while I contemplate if she is OK enough for a dress of her own. Which sounds very mean, actually, when you see it in black and white. Of course I should make her a dress of her own. Poor Dolly 2. I am not a compassionate doll maker. Clearly.

Jemima has adopted her, and fell asleep last night giving her a cuddle. Aw.

I wouldn't call myself a perfectionist really, but when it comes to crafting, I very much am. Funny these little discoveries one makes about oneself. 


Madeline said...

I think she's adorable!

djStoreRoom said...

Very cute.. And she already is loved..


cindy said...

I think she is super cute! The effort was worth it, I love her legs

edward and lilly said...

She's really cute, I love her little face :)