Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meet Louis

I've been working on this little guy for the last couple of days and have called him Loius, mainly because I plan to make him into a "pillow doll" like Lulu. I was inspired by a photo in an old "Shop Til You Drop for Kids" magazine I came across in one of my clean ups in the last couple of weeks. I experimented with some different mediums with Louis, using indian ink and water colours. I think I like the look better than the acrylic paint I used for Lulu. I think he is cute, but I was a little too lazy with his hands... 

I also tried out that printable fabric for Lulu 2nd gen and so far so good. I wonder how "child proof" this fabric is? Does anyone have any experience with "Matilda's Own" inkjet printable paper?

And do you know those moments when you are suddenly aware that the house is a little too quiet. I had one of those today. 

Don't you love how the body art echos the quilting on the quilt she is sitting upon? (Quilt made by a friend's mother for Caleb.) The pen marks came off her skin very easily, but the white bed sheet will bear Jem's mark for a loooong time.


My Big Mouth said...

Lol,been there done that!
My kids are 10 and 16 now but when they were younger,we had ALOT of those "Picaso" moments,hee hee.

cindy said...

Hello Loius, please to meet you. I hate now that quiet times are places for evil. Mine are the same - if they are not talking then there is trouble afoot.