Thursday, January 8, 2009

Wind in the Willows

We chanced the rainy weather today in Sydney and went and watched this production of Wind in the Willows in the Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens. Chris' sister bought us tickets in the Kris Kringle for Christmas. 

What a great show it was. Lots of songs, laughs and a few walks for the little ones to stretch their legs thrown in. (And hardly any scary audience participation, in which I nearly always get singled out for the crowd's entertainment. There was a close call with Badger, but he found a different victim at the very last second. Phew!) 

Caleb was quite mesmerized throughout, and Jemima's interest came and went a little, but she was generally pretty good for a not-yet-two year old. Caleb chose Moley to have a photo with (interestingly, the character who was least "out there"- I think the others were little overwhelming for him). Jemima was desperate to "say hello, rabbit man", and when we got there, all she could do was look at her apron. Starstruck. (Skirt by Idey Spidey by the way).


Madeline said...

That was one of my favorite childhood books. The bottom pic is pricelessly cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hiya Bek (I've been slack and haven't been around much) Just caught all up on your blog hehe.

I love the pic of your LO with the characters, that skirt must be so absorbing :) --- Nyssa @ SableFyre

Sarah-Jo said...

hahahaha this looks like a brillant production! will see if I can get the kids to it
will make sure iris doesnt wear her apron skirt hahahaa
She looks adorable though in it! :)
Great pics

Sarah-Jo said...

forgot to email you back too Bek
thanks so much for that it was really nice getting some positive feedback about the skirts

I love how versatile a skirt is can be worn all summer long then add some tights or leggings and wa la winter outfit hahahaa