Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New additions

How much am I loving being home with my little Singer? A lot!

I painted the doll on holidays and then did the old t-shirt transfer thing and made a little "pillow doll". We have named her Lulu, though she was looking like she might be called "Tim Tom" for a while there. I have ordered some printable fabric from ebay so that I can make a Lulu pillow doll that is nice and soft. I think I will paint some more babies and make a few different ones.

And yes, I have had some little "red chocolate by bek" tags made up. They just make stuff look like I am all professional and so on. Love them. I did not sew them onto the chair covers though... Our chair pads were looking pretty gross, and I have been wanting to replace them for ages, but then I remembered that I could sew, and decided to make removable covers for them with this lovely sunny retro type fabric from an op shop excursion. I have made 4, and have run out of cotton. So back to the shops tomorrow for some supplies.


Madeline said...

Oh, what serious cuteness!!

Libby said...

Hi, I just found your blog through Bug and Pop and I think it's great.
I love your little doll, very sweet indeed.

Sarah-Jo said...

your work is fabulous Bek!

I think they would sell really well personalised dolly cushions fabulous!!!

let me know when I can order one for Iris!

edward and lilly said...

The doll is so cute! Where did you get your tags from? I've been thinking of getting some done up.

Loz and Dinny said...

Lulu is just beautiful as is the fabric you used for covering your cushions!