Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

This summer my children don't have a lot in the way of pyjamas. I am loathe to spend money on items that I can make myself, but then I don't make them, and then they don't have any. 

I finally made Jemima a night gown from an old cot sheet that my sister in law gave me using this tutorial. It is not a bad tute, it is in fact a very helpful tute, but I have found the pattern is a bit hit and miss, as it relies on you to copy the pattern from a guide. It is not at all difficult, but I have discovered, I am no pattern maker. At least not yet. I would like to get a proper pattern in this style so I could make tops and dresses with more confidence they will turn out. Any ideas? 

I forgot to make it A-line so she could actually walk (a minor detail really), so I added slits to the side seams. Fortunately I remembered to add this in before sewing up the sides. I do believe I did not use the quick unpick for this project at all. Go me!


Madeline said...

That's very cute! Don't you love it when you complete a project without having to undo any seams?! It so rarely happens with me.

CurlyPops said...

Have you looked at the oppy for patterns? My locals usually have a good range of kids patterns for about 50 cents each.
PS I think you did a great job without one!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Very cute! I have found a lot of very cute and easy patterns on I'm not sure if there are any for pj's though.