Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Made by Norma

There is a beautiful lady at my church who has been generously showering my children with handmade gifts and second hand treasures for the last couple of years. Knitted cardigans haven't always been my style, but my tastes are changing, especially as I am learning about the time, effort, cost and love that go into handmade clothes. So much better than Best and Less really.

Norma used to sew and gave me this pattern which I must sew up quickly as it goes up to 18 months. She has assured me that the sizing on these patterns is always big. Hope so, because I am quite keen on the pinnies- and call me crazy, but I am liking the little bubble romper too.

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melissa said...

Yes I love little hand knit sweaters. I keep hoping to meet a nice little grammy who will knit for my kids!