Monday, November 24, 2008

Wedding dress

Well, a dress for Jemima to wear to my brother's wedding on Saturday to be less misleading.

The simple servant dress that I made for her a little while ago seemed to be getting a little small, so I made her a dress in size 3 using the same pattern and cute duck fabric I found at Spotlight a little while ago. Jemmie loves ducks, or at least pictures of them and singing "3 little ducks".

Cute? Undoubtedly. Fit? Not so much.

It's a little on the big side. A little "off the shoulder". That coupled with the colour makes it look a bit like a hospital gown, which is why I am going to buy a nice wide ribbon to make a sash. I'm thinking white. But I'm open to suggestions.

Jemima was wearing the dress yesterday afternoon so that I could stare at her for a while and try to solve the sizing problem. She then jumped off a cushion and face planted into the wooden frame of the lounge. With me standing right there looking at her. Bad Mummy. She has a raised bruise just above her eyebrows which makes her look like an adorable albino Cro-Magnon man (girl). Hopefully the swelling will have gone down by Saturday for all the family photos at the wedding. 

You know, it really is too big so I'm going to save it for when she is a bit older. I have 2 other siblings yet to wed, so perhaps she can wear it to one of their weddings. No pressure sibs! Just thinking ahead!


Madeline said...

It looks cute on the hanger, but fit can be such a tricky thing.

jodi said...

Hope the wedding goes well...I'm sure she'll look gorgeous!