Friday, November 21, 2008

Jeans to a skirt

I borrowed the book 99 Ways to Cut, Sew and Deck out your Denim from the library a little while ago and made this skirt. As a book it is OK, but a lot of designs seem aimed at a younger and well, thinner, audience. This skirt was most appealing of all the patterns to try because I knew I would wear it and it was pretty easy looking. It wasn't too difficult, but because they were wide leg jeans, I needed more fabric than the instructions suggested, so I had to keep snipping and sewing until I had it right. It actually works well that there is some extra fabric in it as there is nothing worse than a wrap around skirt that flies open revealing more than you had planned. This one wraps around about one and a half times, so I feel safely enclosed.

I have several pairs of jeans that I don't wear as I can't seem to get a pair to fit. Word is that you should buy jeans a little tight as the denim stretches. So I do that, and get a pair of jeans that are too tight. Think muffin top. Better yet, don't. 

So then I buy a pair that fits well and they stretch and are baggy and fall down, which has never really been the look that I go for. 

I have borrowed the book again, but really I can't see that I will be making anything from there in the near future as I have a lot of gift sewing to do. Not sure if I will get it all done! 


Madeline said...

Glad I'm not the only one who has trouble getting a good fit with jeans. Maybe I should consider revamping my stash of bad jeans. They do make cute skirts!

Sarah-Jo said...

oh that skirt rocks!!!!

I have been a bit disappointed with my efforts to make things for myself lately so had given up...but I think this may have inspired me to do one last ditch attempt

gorgeous skirt!

Bird Bath said...

you did a great job, I like the fabric combo you picked...and I too have too many pairs of jeans that don't fit me - I like the idea of repurposing them.