Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A posty post

Caleb and I got amakin' the other day. He is really into "writing letters", pops them in envelopes and I find them on my pillow (aw). So we made a post box while the Jems was having a snooze.


Madeline said...

Fun idea and such a great way to encourage letter writing and communication.

Shellbells said...

check out the gift idea that pidgeon pair had for a posties satchel and realish letter with stamps and everything...think Caleb would love it for christmas the like to pidgeon pair will be on my side bar. Was about 2 weeks ago so you shouldnt have to search too hard

Bek said...

Shellbells- That "poste" satchel is great! Thanks for introducing the pigeon pair blog too. Very cute.