Sunday, November 2, 2008

An afternoon's labour

Apologies for any head tilting required to comfortably view this photo. Blogger and I are having a little fight. Never mind.

I finished the construction of the mexican dress on Friday night. And now the fun part is underway. In regards to the dress's construction- the pattern is very easy to follow, though I did a few things differently to what was suggested (just little things like finishing the seams as I went).

The most frustrating thing was that the pattern is for an adult and *should* be reasonably easy to resize as it is based on body measurements. The only parts that weren't I made far too big... like the neck, hence the "tucks" in the neckline which are front and back, and the sleeves which were originally very wing like. I don't consciously think that my one year old has a thick neck, or arms but I keep overcompensating.

The past 2 afternoons have been spent embroidering away which I quite enjoy. There is a lot of value in a portable project. Especially one you can do while watching Australian Idol which I intend to do tonight. I haven't done a lot of embroidery, and perhaps should have done some practice before I started sewing onto my dress, but I was excited to get going, and I am happy enough. Fortunately I am not too much a perfectionist as I don't think I would enjoy crafting as much as I have been if I was.

I have a fair bit more I want to do with this little number, but wanted to put an update "out there".

PS I think I am a little crazy making this in white. But for the 20 minutes she looks all fresh and lovely, before she turns into a grublet, will be totally worth it.

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