Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lazy man's advent calendar

So my house is a mess, I have a bizillion Christmas gifts to make, as well as a couple of birthday presents and a wedding quilt.. but I decided to make this advent calendar instead.

Because I get bored easily and am essentially lazy, I did a 10 bag countdown instead of 24. I finished not a seam and heavily used my pinking shears. I was wishing I had a set of number stamps because then I think the overall look would be nicer, but these will do the job and I wanted to use only what I already had. The fabrics don't coordinate particularly well, but they were scrappy scraps and I wanted to use them.

Caleb likes it (it will involve lollies after all) and has reserved the black bags with skulls on them. So Christmassy.

I used my rotary knife for the first time and am a little unco with it...I had visions of happily slicing through fabric in effortlessly perfect straight lines, and it was almost like that, but not quite. That said, it is easier than using scissors for a quick and dirty project like this.

I was inspired to advent action by this new-to-me blog and this lovely creation. Thanks Lisa!


Little Munchkins said...

Oh how cute! I haven't done any advent calendars but I like anything quick and simple :)

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love discovering new blogs too.

Madeline said...

Love it! That's such a cute idea. I think your fabrics look fab together.
Do you use a cutting mat and rotary ruler when your using your rotary blade. Those things make cutting with it much easier. When I first tried one out, I tried to freehand it--disaster!

Sarah-Jo said...

it looks great!

Like you I too get bored and am constantly starting new projects even with a long list of MUST DO's

Kelly said...

This is fantastic! I love advent calendars but am yet to give one ago myself! I also have the black apple doll on my christmas list for my girls and I can only hope their faces turn out as lovely as yours :) By the way I found your blog through Sarah-Jo's.

Bird Bath said...

well done on the advent calender...the countdown is so much fun.