Sunday, November 16, 2008

Black Apple Doll

I've made a few of these dollies, but this little lass is my favourite. I made her this weekend for a 4 year old girl in my mum's group as a christmas present. I struggled over dolly's face for a while and got a bit grumpy when she looked like a creepy Bratz doll, but I think she turned out quite sweet in the end. I hope she is well received. I might throw in a bright pink (child sized) tutu to cover my bases as the gift recipient is partial to bright pink. I was especially inspired by this post in making this dolly. Emily's dolls have an x-factor that I could never hope to replicate. 

Making doll clothes is so much more fun than I ever thought it would be. A fun way to practice "designing clothes" without using much fabric, and the way it fits is not all that critical. Try it. You'll like it. 


lisa tilse . the red thread said...

Hey Bek, just dropped in after you left a comment on my blog. I love your doll! She's gorgeous. Isn't it fun being a crafty mum?!

Sarah-Jo said...

OMGosh that lil dolly is devine!!!

I just finished making my first pirate ragdoll and attempted a mermaid but her face just gave me the BEEP hahahaha Its so much harder than I expected
So I applaud your brillance!
her lil face is amazing, the expression is just perfect!

now please tell me you are taking orders???? I would so love one for my lil girl *fingers crossed*

Bek said...

Hi Sarah-Jo,

Thanks! The face did cause me some issues (I thought crafting was relaxing, but it isn't really is it?!) Thankfully she worked out (I've found it's best to make the doll first and then paint which is risking a lot!).

I'm not selling these dolls as the pattern is not mine and the face is pretty much my version of Emily's Sophie dolls- BUT I will email you and maybe we could do a swap? I love the clothes you make for your little miss! And my little miss is just the same age.

I do have in the back of my mind a plan to design my own dolly... maybe after Christmas though!

Bird Bath said...

Who could not adore such a dolly - I bet she was extremely well recieved!

Anonymous said...

She's stunning, and you have done a wonderful job with her face :) Found you via Sarah-Jo and now have you bookmarked :D