Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Rainy days...

It rained and rained yesterday while I was at work (second last day!) and I really just wanted to be at home all day. I am a total homebody and rainy weather is such a good excuse to be at home and hang around.

But, it rained again today! Hooray!

Jemima was kind enough to have a nice long nap, so Caleb finished his cards for the mail swap and I had another crack at my brother's engagement portrait. I am STILL not 100% happy with it. His fiance is exceptionally pretty, and I don't think this portrait does her justice. I think I will let this one settle and have a go at the lettering and then see how I feel about it.

For the mailing labels for Caleb's postcards, I used this freebie download. I love Sarah's blog and what she creates. She generously shares some of her handiwork in pdf form. Very nice.

UPDATED to add: So, when I posted the portrait picture here I realised that Savannah had a significant facial asymmetry. That problem has ben rectified (when I really should have been cooking dinner) and now, she is prettier. Still not sure. Sorry about the blurriness. Jemima was leaning on my arm peering through the view finder saying "I see Vanna and Lukey".


beck said...

what is the portrait painted on? I like both versions, what a great present. x

Bek said...

Hey Beck, I painted it on 180gsm watercolour paper. I bought a pad of it at Kmart... so it is nothing special. I don't know much about painting so it is a bit of trial and error, but it seemed to work OK. Bek

My Big Mouth said...

Ok,well the comment above answers my question lol.
I have always wanted to make a portrait of my parents,but with polymer clay.
Btw,I left you a comment in your last post,just incase you hadn't noticed.

Madeline said...

The painting is lovely. I'm sure your brother and sister-in-law will love it.
...and, home is such a lovely place to be. I always wonder why more people aren't homebodies.