Monday, April 20, 2009

Eye Spy...a magic elixir


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And here you come, with a cup of tea

Wreathed in steam.

-Sylvia Plath

I loved English at school, and in fact originally intended to study Literature and Ancient History at uni, but my mum talked me out of it on the basis of eventual employment. I like to think that I stuck to the theme of language and communication by studying Speech Pathology, even if it is in a more scientific direction. 

And actually, I rarely read poetry or plays anymore. But there are the odd quotes that stick around in my memory banks, and this one particularly resonates. Tea is my magical elixir. Usually a tea bag, usually Dilma. Occasionally the Earl. Always before I do pretty much anything else in the morning.

Thankyou Amy at Badskirt for this week's theme and to Cindy for hosting.


Geek+Nerd said...

Mmm, my husband and I are tea fanatics. We have a cupboard full of different varieties. We were lucky to have a fantastic tea shop a short drive from us for a few years. They had hundreds of varieties from all over the world, and scones with devonshire cream (which I never knew existed until I went there). Each tea had a specific brew time, so they would pour you a glass and put it on a tray with a timer! Sadly they are closed now, due to the economy. Guess I'll just have to whip up some scones at home and work through the tea in the cupboard!

Bek said...

Devonshire tea is just lovely. I have a few teas in the cupboard as well, but I tend to always go for the Dilmah black tea. Pretty simple, but the nicest regular tea I have found (used to be into Lan choo but I am more advanced now!)

Madeline said...

I'm a total tea junkie, and that quote is perfect. You've reminded me how much I used to love plays and poetry. I used to devour them. I don't read them much now though. Mostly I read about children, education, faith, and gardening. Strange how tastes change over the years.

CurlyPops said...

It's amazing how we were all encouraged (pushed) in high school into studying something that would get us gainful employment, rather than following our true passions.
I always wondered what would have happened if I'd followed my heart?