Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Little pink slippers

(Relative) success! These are made from my most recent stash acquisition. The floral design is a very soft but nicely sturdy flannel. These came together a bit better than the last pink attempt, but you will notice one is a little shorter and asymmetrical than the other. And no, the little baby's feet are not similarly mismatched. Still I think they are sweet and (hopefully) wearable!

When Jemima was born, I met a lady in hospital who had just had her second baby girl. She always avoided pink, she just didn't like it. I could understand- pink alone seems so limiting. But two things hindered my anti-pink stand, 1) I was a non-sewer and you can pretty much only buy pink things for baby girls (and still have them "look" like girls) and 2) Jemmie looked/s great in pink.