Thursday, April 2, 2009

Kid's Mail Swap has Lift-off

We finished our letters for the Kid's Mail Swap yesterday and so today was the big mail out. I realised the moment we dropped the letters into the big red post box that I should have written something on the envelope or on the letter itself about being the "Kid's Mail Swap", but I am  guessing if other little ones are as excited about this thing as Caleb is, no-one should be surprised by a card decorated by Caleb in their letter box: The grande mail swap will be in the forefront of their minds! I also thought as the letters slipped into the slot, that perhaps it would have been nice to include this blog address so they could look us up and see Caleb in action. Oh well. So if anyone gets a black or white card in a red envelope- it was US!

Caleb was so excited about the whole process. From making the cards, to dictating his random thoughts for me to scribe, and writing his name - and the name of the recipient (a very new skill for him, very exciting!) Even licking the stamps, which were "yummy", apparently. 

Jemima was dressed as Snow White on our trek to the post office, and received many an adoring stare, so she was in heaven also. 

Good day. 


beck said...

Sounds fun! We missed the cutoff date for the mail swap but I hope we get to do it next time. It such a great idea, don't kids just love letters? Hope Caleb gets lots of fun mail x

Madeline said...

Sounds like such fun! Hope Caleb gets tons of fun mail out of the deal. I bet Jemima made the cutest Snow White.

13mimosa said...

Well I'm super glad we included ours so you could then comment and we found yours!