Monday, April 27, 2009

Eye Spy...a WIP

This never would have happened if I didn't do the blog thing.

I have started to teach myself to crochet. 

A bit of help from here, and a bit of help from here, a rummage in my granny's knitting bag that has been loaned to me (could only find 12 ply and a 4.5 hook, but I figured I was only practicing), and as of last night I have mastered the slip stitch and the chain stitch and am making progress with the double and triple stitches. When I have the latter two sorted I will embark on a granny square. I was quite inspired by Pip's A Granny a Day, but really for me, A Granny in May is possibly a more realistic ambition.

I am so excited that while doing the groceries this morning, I bought a 5.5 hook and some pretty 8 ply, as recommended in the book. I have a lot of housework to do today, so I am telling myself, as I tell my children from time to time: Do you work, then you can play.

Thanks to Michelle of Hugo and Elsa for the theme and visit Cindy to see who else is playing along this week.


Cindy said...

Beware they are addictive - let me know I found another good site here
Keep trying until you find a site that works. I found still photos easier than video.
Can't wait to see the progress.

Jo (sparkly green knickers) said...

I'm sure you'll be 'hooked' soon enough (hehe).

Bird Bath said...

ohh, you will love it! I'm a novice - but still enjoy the portability of a crochet project. Carrying around one hook + yarn seems easier than two knitting needles. Also with little people bouncing around the couch - I prefer to be holding a crocher hook.
I swear it's quicker too, but that could just be the small projects I'm choosing.

beck said...

I am also new to crochet and LOVING it. I did realise the other day however that I hadn't been following the pattern properly so my squares have stars in the middle and not flower shapes. I like the look of them anyway so I'm not fussed. I love the soothing feeling I get when I'm working on a square. It's very relaxing after are busy/mental day with the kids. Have fun! x

Christina Lowry said...

I'm with Cindy, I found photos easier too. I have started a giant granny square blanket for Cohen. We shall see how it goes.... :)

God luck with your crochet, like all crafts it gets addictive!

Christina Lowry said...

I guess go luck may be better than good luck, I meant good luck, but you can have both if you like!

Madeline said...

Terribly addictive stuff! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

edward and lilly said...

Oh yay! I just learnt on Sunday and am so totally addicted to it! Can't wait to see your progress :)