Friday, April 3, 2009

Painty and ponderous

I so enjoyed painting Madeline's giveaway prize. So much so that I put life on hold a little while I finished it. 

Life in general will slow down for a while now as I finished work yesterday. 

I have very mixed feelings about becoming a stay at home mother (again). Mostly positive, but some sadness, as I say good bye to colleagues and families who I have worked with closely for the past 6 months.

Overall I have peace about my own situation and decision, and I am thankful for the opportunity, very.

I read this book last week and was fascinated by the way the Amish community lives. Life seems like hard work, but the family roles are clear, community ties are strong, and life seems a little simpler. People with whom I have discussed this book have all independently come to the same conclusion: there is something very appealing about this way of life. Is it simply that the grass is always greener? What do you think?

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Madeline said...

Can't wait till it gets here. So glad you enjoyed making it.

I just added a midwife's story to my library list. It looks like a good read. My take is that modern life, while it overfills our time, doesn't give us what we truly need--worthwhile work. At our basest level we need to be doing things that mean something. There's an appeal to the "simple" life not because it is truly "simple" but because it is composed of basic but meaningful tasks. I think you hit on something with family roles being clear and ties being strong. Deep down, I think we need to know what are "job" is and also that we have helpers--people who won't abandon us. Can't wait to check the book out.