Thursday, August 5, 2010

The quilts are multiplying

It wasn't a pretty sight, but I finally got down on the floor and tied Caleb's quilt together. My poor pregnant body did not enjoy the process one bit, but I am so pleased it is finished! He has been very patient as Jem got hers in May.

I had the quilt finished to the point of tying it together at least a month ago, and then got distracted by the house getting new carpet/paint a few weeks back.

I love the fabrics: a mix of Ikea, Echino (from Superbuzzy) and some giant black gingham from the stash. The green chenille backing was a long searched for item on Ebay. Green was not my first choice- I had wanted white, but wasn't having any luck.

The little shelves above his bed head were put up on the weekend and house some of his treasures.

I decided this week I needed to get some crafty skates on. I really want to make a quilt before the baby is born (in 3-4 weeks time) and make few other little things. We'll see how we go.


Madeline said...

Those fabrics are wonderful together! Good luck on your pre-baby crafting binge.

PottyMouthMama said...

I really, really love this quilt. It's so graphic and fun, and masculine. Beautiful work Bek (and love the little shelves too).

karlyn Jackson said...

love the black, yellow and grey. Looks great.

BettsyKingston said...

Wonderful combination, look forward to seeing the baby quilt.