Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Chalkboard in the Kitchen Fad

This fun post by the talented Jennie of Mrs Beckinsale, reminded me to blog again about my chalkboard. (A fad, yes, and I love it so!)

A couple of people asked about dust and so on when I first wrote about my chalkboard pantry door, so I thought I might give a little update on the impact of our chalkboard in the kitchen.

We use "dust free chalk" which is not exactly dust free, but there is less chalk dust than your average chalk. I bought ours from Officeworks online. I love stationery. A lot.

When I mop the floor, it is a little bit chalky around the door, but not offensive (to me, anyway- I am no clean freak). We are not rubbing the chalk off the board daily, so that might be another reason that there isn't a lot of dust around.

I have used the chalk board for shopping lists and the kids draw on it periodically, but we are loving it at the moment for Caleb's sight words and he is enjoying writing sentences with his new writing skills. Behind Jemima (sporting 2 little top knots for the first time) he has written, "Do you *heart* pig poo? I *heart* pig poo." Ah, 5 year old boys.


Jennie said...

Ahh me, thanks for the giggle. I can't wait to have a chalkboard wall when we buy a house next year.

The issue of chalk dust had never crossed my mind. Now I know how to prepare!

Sally said...

Oh - thanks so much for writing this post - I often think of your chalkboard door and wonder how it turned out over time. Sounds like a very happy ending.