Friday, August 20, 2010

Among other things, a cushion

I have been a little makey crazy lately. Trying to tick as much of the crafty list as possible before Miss Baby makes her appearance. I plan to post everything eventually to make a little record of my nesting projects, but in the meantime, here is a cushion I have been planning to make for about 12 months.

It is an oppy table cloth that had a little stain in the middle, and backed with soft black denim from spotlight. I made it an "envelope back" or something so I didn't have to attach any closures. This cush will be used in the baby's room, but later will fit right into the lounge room.

I really like how it turned out- reminds me of Tiny Happy creations which I love.

I'm not going to lie and say I managed this cush with no mistakes. I did make a little error that took about as long to fix (hello 10 minutes of unpicking) as to make the cover itself. But that is just me and sewing and I am trying to come to terms with that!

I am also coming to terms with my preggo induced carpel tunnel syndrome that makes crochet off limits, and unpicking seams rather painful actually. It also makes hand sewing my binding on my quilt kind of off limits too... but I am so determined to finish it anyway. 5 minutes at a time if necessary! (And if I machine sew anything I will have to try SUPER hard not to make any mistakes!)


beck said...

I love your cushion! What a great use for an old tablecloth, the angle of the lines works really well. And it's such a sweet pattern. I had carpel tunnel syndrome with my first pregnancy, not fun. Good luck getting through your projects xo

Christina said...

Ouch! Your poor wrists. How very unfair to get such a thing while pregnant! Hope they get better soon.

I love the cushion, it looks fantastic. Such lovely colours too.


Megan said...

lovely cushion. don't you hate those little mistakes!! i have two fabric panels i want to sew up into cushions but for some reason i keep putting it off because i haven't sewn something like that in forever and i think i will make a mistake or something.
hope that carpel tunnel clears up quick smart!! not cool for a crafty mama with a deadline!

Madeline said...

You're on a crafty roll! Very pretty!
When I was pregnant with Levi I bought some wrist braces that helped a little with the pain. They are just simple bands that velcro around your wrists. Knitting and crocheting still became off limits, but maybe if you found a pair it might make finishing that binding more bearable.

Sally said...

Gorgeous cushion... well worth the time I'd say.